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Meet the 2020 Board of Trustees Candidates

Friday, January 17, 2020  
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Francisca Kartono, D.O. FAOCD
Location: Brighton, MI
D.O. Degree: Western University of Health Sciences
Dermatology Residency: Michigan State University/Botsford General Hospital
Fellowship: Cutaneous Oncology, Ohio State University Medical Center

How do you feel the AOCD would benefit from your involvement on the Board?
As I am nearing my 10-year post residency graduation and my young children are becoming (almost) more independent every day, I feel that I will have more time and effort that I can dedicate to contributing to the AOCD. I currently welcome visiting students, intern and resident rotators through my private practice clinic and actively encourage them in the writing of medical reports and other educational endeavors. I have also been involved in the past as a reviewer of the JAOCD (Journal of American Osteopathic College of Dermatology), as a question writer for the mock board examinations, and a lecturer at several AOCD meetings in the past. I currently work full time at a private practice Dermatology group in Michigan, assuming role as a medical director, clinician, as well as principal investigator on clinical trial studies. I also curate our cosmetic product line in our clinic for our aesthetic patients, requiring to remain up to date and at the forefront of education in both medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology. I believe that my well rounded medical, surgical and cosmetic exposure in my day to day practice as a dermatologist can help represent the best interest of the AOCD physicians if I am elected as a Trustee on the Board. I am familiar with managing conflict through my role as a medical director at my clinic branch, which is part of a network of several other satellite branches. In working together with other physician partners in my medical group, I have learned to navigate through complex management discussions and decision making that serve in the best interest of patients, employees, and lastly the stakeholders (in that sequence), as I believe should be in any successful organization. I hope my contributions in time and effort on the Board can help the AOCD maintain its purpose and serve its members while navigating changing financial and political landscapes.

Please tell us why you want to serve on the Board of Trustees:
I would like to contribute my time and effort in helping out the AOCD with any administrative, management, or educational tasks that may benefit from my involvement. I have a big interest in furthering the education of medical trainees, especially in Dermatology. I am grateful for the opportunity the AOCD has provided to me through my education and allowed me to enjoy the career path I have today. I would like to contribute back to the organization that has started my dermatology career and hope that I can help as a member of the Board of Trustees.

I am growing more and more puzzled every day and a bit concerned with the state of the AOCD organization in the background setting of the merger with ACGME. I have witnessed this merger resulting in the loss of interest from younger osteopathic dermatologists (some who have shared these feelings with me in person) that will become fellows of the AAD, but are not be interested in joining the AOCD. I fear that they may lose sight of the core value of osteopathy as their education certifications and educational activities will mainly be sponsored by the AAD. I would like to serve on the Board of Trustees to be able to help maintain the presence of the AOCD in this heavily-present ACGME setting.

As a personal goal, by participating as a Trustee member, I hope to understand more about the detailed mechanisms of the AOCD as an organization. Looking back on my days as a dermatology resident, I recall comments from fellow classmates and colleagues, of not knowing the intricacies of the organization, and not being able to fully place trust in how things may play out and feel helpless as an AOCD member at times. With so many recent changes within the state of the AOCD, AOBD, AAD, and our certification requirements, I am myself still a bit puzzled at times. I would like to serve on the Board of Trustees so I can understand better about the intricacies of my organization, and be able to become a good ambassador to the AOCD. If I can help explain to the other members that the AOCD serves and help paint a clear and transparent picture of the organization, I hope to increase the interest of new and existing members in the AOCD.


Jason Mazzurco, D.O., FAOCD
Location: Newport News, VA
D.O. Degree: Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Dermatology Residency: Michigan State University/St. Joseph Mercy Hospital
Fellowship: Mohs Micrographic Surgery, Michigan State University/St. Joseph Mercy Hospital

How do you feel the AOCD would benefit from your involvement on the Board?
I believe that the AOCD will benefit from my involvement on the Board of Trustees by bringing my perspective as a part owner of a private, single specialty dermatology practice and full time Mohs surgeon. Our membership is diverse with members practicing all fields of dermatology including general dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, pediatric dermatology, complex medical dermatology, inpatient/hospital dermatology, dermatopathology and dermatologic surgery. I would like to help represent the many members of the AOCD who do dermatologic surgery and Mohs surgery. I am also passionate about helping to maintain our identity as D.O.'s and D.O. dermatologists in medicine.

Please tell us why you want to serve on the Board of Trustees:
I would like to serve on the AOCD Board of Trustees to do my part to help keep this great organization relevant in the world of dermatology today. As AOCD trained and AOBD board certified dermatologists we face many challenges in the ever changing world of medicine and dermatology. In a time where all dermatologists and dermatologic surgeons should be banding together to keep our place at the table of medicine, there are a number of groups and organizations that are striving to limit access to care and limit scope of practice. I would like to help the AOCD in an effort to support our members increase access to dermatology care and to fight for our right to practice without limiting our scope of practice due to political and financial motivation. I would like to be a part of helping the AOCD further define the niche that will keep us united, strong, relevant and growing into the future. I would also like to serve the AOCD members who are Mohs surgeons by opposing the organizations that would try to limit our ability to do Mohs surgery. I would like to be a key member in advocating for and uniting AOCD Mohs surgeons.


Maryam Sickinger, D.O. FAOCD
Location: Palm Desert, CA
D.O. Degree: Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Dermatology Residency: Western University/Pacific Hospital

How do you feel the AOCD would benefit from your involvement on the Board?
I am committed to educate and advocate for the incoming residents, newly graduated dermatologists, and long-standing members of the AOCD on the changes facing our field. I hope to encourage and promote osteopathic dermatology, improve membership, and support osteopathic education.

I am looking forward to giving back and maintaining the AOCD as the vibrant organization that I have always known it to be.

Please tell us why you want to serve on the Board of Trustees:
I have always been a proud advocate of osteopathic dermatology. The principles of osteopathy as they pertain to the field of dermatology have always interested me. For example, when treating an acne patient, making sure to take into account the psychosocial effects it has on the patient and allow for that discussion in the patient experience. When seeing a patient that has acanthosis nigricans to cover in the plan changes they can make in their nutritional habits and adding exercise to their routine.

Osteopathic principles and the teaching of how to recognize their necessity and effectively utilize them in practice will be imperative in keeping osteopathic dermatology relevant as an artful, all-encompassing approach to patient care. I hope to bring plenty of energy and a fresh perspective to the College. 

With the ever-changing landscape of medicine and board related issues, I will strive to be of service and add value to the organization and its members.

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