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Aging and Sun Damage
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Normal Skin

At birth we are given a flexible, but tough, protective covering. The skin color is unblemished and wrinkle free. It has a smooth texture and a good elastic tone. The surface is covered with fine hair.

Chronologic Aged Skin

With age, all parts of the skin diminish in size and function. The skin becomes thinner, drier, and more fragile. Pigment cells are less active so that the skin tans less easily. Hair becomes finer, thinner, and gray. Despite these changes, "old" skin functions remarkably well, and no one has died of "skin failure."

Sun Aged Skin

Sunlight injures the skin, particularly the epidermis. The cumulative effects of sun exposure are wrinkling, blotchy pigmentation and roughness. Sun damaged skin also becomes less flexible and more easily bruised. Finally, sun damage is the major cause of skin cancer.

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