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Fellows of Distinction
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The honorary title of Fellow of Distinction of the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology may be conferred on Fellow members who have made outstanding contributions through teaching, authorship, research, or professional leadership to the College. The applicant must submit an application to the Fellowship committee, at least thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting. Upon approval by the Executive Committee, the applicant is voted on by the general membership. The following members have been granted the title of Fellow of Distinction:

Fellowship Application

AOCD Fellows of Distinction

Earl U. Bachenberg, D.O. James D. Bernard, D.O.
Thomas H. Bonino, D.O. Roger Byrd, D.O.
Lloyd J. Cleaver, D.O. Edwin H. Cohen, D.O.
Don U. Collier, D.O. Eugene T. Conte, D.O.
James Q. Del Rosso, D.O. David W. Dorton, D.O.
Harry B. Elmets, D.O. Marc I. Epstein, D.O.
Tanya Ermolovich, D.O. Isreal Feldman, D.O.
Shelly A. Friedman, D.O. Monte E. Fox, D.O.
Bradley Glick, D.O. Dudley W. Goetz, D.O.
Jay S. Gottlieb, D.O.
Gene E. Graff, D.O.
Roger J. Graumann, D.O.
Steven K. Grekin, D.O.
David L. Grice, D.O.
Joel J. Harris, D.O.
William F. Heckert, D.O.
Cindy F. Hoffman, D.O.
David C. Horowitz, D.O.
Charles G. Hughes, D.O.
Daniel S. Hurd, D.O.
Daniel Koprince, D.O.
Leslie Kramer, D.O.
Mark A. Kuriata, D.O.
Matt L. Leavitt, D.O. Rick Lin, D.O.
Alex S. Macaione, D.O. Michael J. Mahon, D.O.
Jere J. Mammino, D.O. Richard A. Miller, D.O.
Ronald C. Miller, D.O. John P. Minni, D.O.
Gregory G. Papadeas, D.O. Brian S. Portnoy, D.O.
Stephen M. Purcell, D.O. Steven C. Roberts, D.O.
Hartley A. Schwartzberg, D.O. Robert F. Schwarze, D.O.
Michael J. Scott, D.O. Robert G. Shimmel, D.O.
Geoffrey M. Siegel, D.O. Suzanne Sirota Rozenberg, D.O.
Lynn Sikorski, D.O. Stanley E. Skopit, D.O.
Donald Tillman, D.O. Robert D. Verona, D.O.
David Brooks Walker, D.O. Bill V. Way, D.O.
Schield M. Wikas, D.O. Walter L. Willis, D.O.
Edward H. Yob, D.O. James W. Young, D.O.
Craig L. Ziering, D.O.  

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