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Life Membership
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Life Membership

Any member in good standing who has been a member for twenty (20) years and has reached the age of sixty-five (65) or who has fully retired from practice because of disability shall be eligible for life membership.  Life members shall continue to have their previous category rights.  Life members are exempt from dues and assessments, but are obligated to observe all Bylaws and administrative regulations of the College.  Reinstatement to previous membership category may be achieved by unanimous vote of the Board of Trustees of the College.  Members interested in becoming life members must apply to the Membership Committee for status change, which upon approval by the Board of Trustees, will be granted.

Life Member Application

Life Members of the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology

Earl U. Bachenberg, D.O. FAOCD

Anthony V. Benedetto, D.O. FAOCD

James D. Bernard, D.O. FAOCD

Roger C. Byrd, D.O. FAOCD

Anthony Cardellio, D.O. FAOCD

Roxana L. Chapman, D.O. FAOCD
Lloyd J. Cleaver, D.O. FAOCD

Edwin H. Cohen, D.O. FAOCD

Don U. Collier, D.O. FAOCD

Richard Diskin, D.O. FAOCD

Marc Epstein, D.O. FAOCD
Monte Fox, D.O. FAOCD

James W. Franks, D.O. FAOCD

Dudley W. Goetz, D.O. FAOCD
Jay Gottlieb, D.O. FAOCD

Gene E. Graff, D.O. FAOCD

Joel J. Harris, D.O. FAOCD
Mark E. Hatch, D.O. FAOCD

William F. Heckert, D.O. FAOCD

David C. Horowitz, D.O. FAOCD

Charles G. Hughes, D.O. FAOCD

Norman H. Ilowite, D.O. FAOCD

Richard Johnson, D.O. FAOCD

Howard S. Kessler, D.O. FAOCD

Stephen E.Kessler, D.O. FAOCD

Leslie Kramer, D.O. FAOCD
John B. Legere, D.O. FAOCD

Alex S. Macaione, D.O. FAOCD

Ronald C. Miller, D.O. FAOCD
Warren A. Peterson, D.O. FAOCD

Brian S. Portnoy, D.O. FAOCD

Alvin M. Pressman, D.O. FAOCD

Darel D. Pruett, D.O. FAOCD

Steven C. Roberts, D.O. FAOCD
Mark Rosenberg, D.O. FAOCD
Randi M. Rush, D.O. FAOCD

Virginia A. Schekorra, D.O. FAOCD
Michael J. Scott, D.O. FAOCD

Robert G. Shimmel, D.O. FAOCD

Geoffrey M. Siegel, D.O. FAOCD

Stanley E. Skopit, D.O. FAOCD
Daniel M. Stewart, D.O. FAOCD
Douglas M. Vaughn, D.O. FAOCD

Robert D. Verona, D.O. FAOCD

Marvin S. Watsky, D.O. FAOCD
Schield M. Wikas, D.O. FAOCD

Laurie M. Woll, D.O. FAOCD

Hyman Yee, D.O. FAOCD

Edward H. Yob, D.O. FAOCD

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