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2018 Spring Meeting Resident Poster Presentations
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Triple-Hit Primary Cutaneous Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, Leg-Type: A Case Report and Review of Literature
Dana Baigrie, D.O.
Necrobiotic Xanthogranuloma in Female with Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance
Carl Barrick, D.O.
Lichen Planus Pigmentosus Inversus: The Fraternal Twin of Lichen Planus Pigmentosus
Trevor Batty, D.O.

Isotretinoin Induced Periungal Pyogenic Granuloma Resolution with Combination Therapy
Jonathan Bellew, D.O.
Oral Hemorrhagic Bullae in a Case of Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura
Conrad Benedetto, D.O.

An Old World Disease in Oregon
Collin Blattner, D.O.
Case Report: Aneurysmal Fibrous Histiocytoma on the Back
Devin Burr, D.O.
Cutaneous Manifestations of Amyloidosis: Case of Biphasic Variant
Vladyslava Doktor, D.O.
Epidermolytic Acanthomas of the Scrotum
Claire Dorfman, D.O.
A Rare Case of Ectopic Extramammary Paget’s Disease
Charles Elias, D.O.
Case Report: Persistent Lofgren’s Syndrome in an African-American Patient
Maheera Farsi, D.O.
Dermatophilus Congolensis Infection in a Hunter
Elizabeth Foley, D.O.

Acute Tissue Injury Following Tattooing: A Confocal Microscopy Analysis
Andrei Gherghina, D.O.
Histiocytoid Bullous Sweet Syndrome: A Case Presentation and Discussion
Derek Hirschman, D.O.
Clear Cell Acanthoma: A Clinical, Dermatoscopic, and Histological Review
John Howard, D.O.
A Rare Histologic Variant of a ‘Not So Sweet’ Rash
J. Ryan Jackson, D.O.
Atypical ANCA Associated Vasculitis with Rheumatoid Arthritis Overlap and Literature Review
Andrew Jensen, D.O.
The Clinical Importance of Cutaneous Angiomyxomas
Karsten Johnson, D.O.

Dual CD4 & CD8 Positive Mycosis Fungoides: A Report of A Rare Cytological Phenomenon
Ryan Jones, D.O.

Isolated Cutaneous Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis in a Three Months Old Infant- A Case Report
Adeline Kikam, D.O.
Granular Parakeratosis: A Case Report
Jessica Kim, D.O.
Keloid Excision with Superficial Radiation Therapy (SRT)
Michael Lipp, D.O.
A Rare Case of Chronic Smoldering Adult T-cell Lymphoma
Gabriela Maloney, D.O.
A Rare Conjunctival Melanoma
Leslie Marshall, D.O.

Cutaneous Blastomycosis: A Diagnostic Challenge
Alyssa Miceli, D.O.
Rubenstein-Taybi Syndrome
Nathan Miller, D.O.

Antiphospholipid Syndrome: A Case Report
Leslie Mills, D.O.
A Case of Perforating Granuloma Annulare
Dustin Mullens, D.O.
An Atypical Presentation of Bullous Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Robert Murgia, D.O.
Loose Anagen Syndrome in a 2-year-old Female: A Case Report and Review of the Literature
Anne Nguyen, D.O.
Sebaceous Adenoma in an Immunosuppressed Male Suggestive of Muir-Torre Syndrome: A Case Report
Caitlin Porubsky, D.O.
An Uncommon Case of Mucormycosis
Joseph Prohaska, D.O.
A Case of Nevus Lipomatosus Superficialis with Features of a Spindle Cell Lipoma
Roxanne Rajaii, D.O.
Novel Use of Combination Therapeutic Plasma Exchange and Rituximab in the Treatment of Nivolumab-Induced Bullous Pemphigoid
Alyson Ridpath, D.O.
A Rare Etiology of Flagellate Erythema: A Case Report & Review
Ryan Schuering, D.O.
Basaloid Follicular Hamartoma: Case Report and Novel Cosmetic Treatment
Kelley Segars, D.O.
Worsening Indurated Pink Translucent Nodules and Severe Hyperkeratosis of the Lower Extremities: A Case of Elephantiasic Pretibial Myxedema
Jason Solway, D.O.
DRESS Syndrome with AGEP Features
Adrian Tinajero, D.O.
Persistent Scabs: A Case of Eruptive Pustular Dermatosis
Matthew Uhde, D.O.
Paronychia with Excessive Granulation Tissue as a Side Effect of Isotretinoin Treatment
Shannon Wiedersum, D.O.

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