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Leslie Baumann, MD
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Dr. Baumann authored the first textbook about cosmetic dermatology in 2002, and the second edition of Cosmetic Dermatology: Principles and Practice (McGraw Hill) now ranks as the bestselling dermatology textbook in the world and has been translated into 14 languages. In 2005, Dr. Baumann authored The Skin Type Solution, a New York Times bestseller that has been published in many languages. The latest edition of The Skin Type Solution was published in December 2010 to coincide with the PBS special, “Skin Type Solutions with Dr. Leslie Baumann,” which began airing in late 2010. Dr. Baumann’s latest textbook, Cosmeceuticals and Cosmetic Ingredients (McGraw Hill) was released in November 2014. Dr. Baumann also pens a bi-monthly column in The Miami Herald and regularly contributes to magazines, trade publications and medical journals.


Cosmeceuticals: The Science of Designing a Skincare Regimen


  1. Understand the various considerations when choosing the order of products in a regimen
  2. Learn which ingredients affect the efficacy and side effects of products in a regimen
  3. Learn what order to apply products in a regimen to improve efficacy


  1. Availability of new medication(s) or indication(s)
  2. Development of new technology
  3. Advances in medical knowledge


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Core Competencies: 3, 4, 5, 6

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