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Carlos Nousari, MD
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Carlos Nousari, MD is nationally and internationally recognized as a leading authority in dermatoimmunology. He is a clinician, a researcher and a prolific author in the areas of dermatoimmunology, dermatopatholgy and immunofluorescence. In particular, he has conducted extensive research in autoimmune blistering diseases, connective tissue disorders and vasculitides.

Prior to joining Dermpath Diagnostics in June 2004, Dr. Nousari served as co-director of the Division of Immunodermatology at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute in Baltimore, MD and as chairman of the Department of Dermatology and Director of Dermatopathology and Immunodermatology at the Cleveland Clinic Florida in Weston. Dr. Nousari is currently the program director of the Broward Health Medical Center Dermatology Residency Program. He also serves as the Medical Director at Dermpath Diagnostics South Florida and the Director of the Institute for Immunofluorescence. Dr. Nousari is a Professor of Dermatology at the University of Miami, University of Florida and Nova Southeastern University where he runs an immunobullous clinic.

Photosensitive Disorders in Middle Age and Beyond

This lecture will explore the various photodermatoses potentially encountered in clinical practice. An emphasis will be placed on clinical diagnosis tips, how to interpret antibody results and the pathophysiology of the different disease processes. 


  1. Discuss the clinical presentations and histological features of various photodermatoses
  2. Explore the pathophysiology of ultraviolet-mediated diseases
  3. Understand how to interpret the antibodies tested in various photodermatoses


  1. New advances in dermatologic treatment
  2. New methods of diagnosis or treatment
  3. Advances in medical knowledge


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Core Competencies: 2, 3

Disclosures: No disclosures provided by speaker

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