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Neha Sangwan, MD
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Neha Sangwan, MD, CEO and founder of Intuitive Intelligence, is an Internal Medicine physician and communication expert empowering healthcare practitioners, organizational leaders and corporate employees to excel under pressure. Dr. Sangwan is an international speaker and media spokeswoman on the topics of conflict resolution, leadership and team transition, power and hierarchy, stress management and employee wellness. She is also the author of TalkRx: Five Steps to Honest Conversations that Create Connection, Health and Happiness.

She currently consults with innovative corporations and complex healthcare teams. Dr. Sangwan has pioneered numerous successful programs that improve organizational metrics related to employee engagement, culture transformation and patient satisfaction. These results were published in General Surgery News (June 2010). 

Notably, Dr. Sangwan and her team have developed a comprehensive program called the i-Five Experience that connects the dots between job satisfaction, health and performance. Some of her clients include: Kaiser Permanente, American Heart Association, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Stanford’s Med X and University of Michigan’s School of Medicine. Dr. Sangwan began her teaching career as faculty for Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Physician Education and Development Team. She designed and delivered innovative workshops to integrate physicians and nurses into cohesive, productive teams within fast-paced and high-stress environments.

Dr. Sangwan earned her Bachelor of Science in mechanical and biomedical engineering from Michigan State University. She worked as a manufacturing engineer for Motorola before attending medical school at State University of New York at Buffalo. She subsequently completed her internal medicine residency training at Temple University Hospital and became board certified.


Patient Communication & Physician Burnout

Five Steps to Honest Conversations that Create Connection, Health and Happiness

Addressing Dysfunctional Dynamics in Medicine (and in Life!)

Mastering the Most Challenging Personalities at Work & Home

There are many aspects of healthcare that are undergoing rapid change. It is important to be aware of these changes and to be proactive in addressing them. This lecture will help attendee’s understand review of new dermatological medications, understanding potential changes to payment models and a discussion of practice management tips.


  1. Expand perspectives to become a better negotiator in conflict with patients to create better outcomes
  2. Identify a new approach to treating and healing physician burnout
  3. Learn how to recognize early signals of burnout and address them
  4. Recognize the body’s physical cues under stress
  5. Learn how to self-manage in order to respond instead of react
  6. Recognize the five components to engage in effective conversations
  7. Recognize and describe the five levels of agreement
  8. Identify what questions to ask others who are at differing levels of agreement
  9. Learn to influence others and bridge during conflict
  10. Describe the five levels of listening as a practical took to quickly and effectively connect to patients and providers
  11. Apply the five levels of listening as a tool to bridge to others during conflict
  12. Use the five levels of listening to influence and engage patients during high stress situations


  1. Advances in medical knowledge


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Core Competencies: 4, 5

Disclosures: No disclosures provided by speaker

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