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Steatocystoma Multiplex
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This disease is characterized yellow to white papules and cysts that tend to develop on the chest and scrotum. They can range in size from 2mm to 2cm. When squeezed the cysts exude a yellow to white tenacious fluid. Steatocystoma multiplex is primarily an inherited condition; however many cases have been reported where there is no apparent inheritance pattern.


Surgery to remove the lesions may be accomplished with excellent cosmetic results when the number of lesions is few. However, in many cases the number and location of lesions may preclude surgical excision. Draining the lesions with a large needle is also temporarily effective. Oral antibiotics in the tetracycline family have been tried with limited success. Accutane has also been tried with mixed results. Improvement was seen in some patients while in other patients the condition actually worsened.


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