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Journal of the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, Volume 32, May 2015
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Table of Contents
Letter from the President
Rick Lin, DO, MPH, FAOCD
Letter from the Executive Director
Marsha Wise, BS
Letter from the Editor-in-Chief
Karthik Krishnamurthy, DO, FAOCD
Feature Article
The Scar as a Representation of the Osteopathic Principles
Sarah Belden, DO, Jenifer Lloyd, DO, Michael Rowane, DO
Editor's Picks
Marijuana: An Unusual Cause of Fixed Drug Eruption
Christina Steinmetz-Rodriguez, DO, Brent Schillinger, MD
Painful, Pruritic Blisters Exacerbated by Heat and Sweating
Collin M. Blattner, BS, Dustin V. Wilkes, DO, Dongkun Chang, MD
Proteus Syndrome: Case Report and Review
Holly Kanavy, DO, Cindy Hoffman, DO
Original Articles and Case Reports
Reactive Keratoacanthoma Responding to Excision and Healing by
Secondary Intention
G. Trey Haunson, DO, Mariana A. Phillips, MD, FAAD, FACMS, Douglas J. Grider, MD, FCAP,
Daniel S. Hurd, DO, FAOCD
A Case of Cutaneous Rosai-Dorfman Disease
Donna Tran, DO, Gabriel Guerrero, DO, Paul Shitabata, MD, Navid Nami, DO
Pathogenesis of Pruritic Disorders and Mechanisms of Phototherapy
Soham Chaudhari, BA, Argentina Leon, MD, Ethan Levin, MD, Om Chaudhari, John Koo, MD
The Cutaneous Manifestations of Metastatic Lung Cancer: Case Report and Review
Sarah Ferrer-Bruker, DO
Loose Anagen Syndrome in a 2-Year-Old Female: A Case Report and Review
of the Literature
Mathew Koehler, DO, Anne Nguyen, MS, Navid Nami, DO
Anetoderma Secondary to Mid-Dermal Elastolysis
Gabriela A. Maloney, BS, Jane James, MD, PhD, Michael Welsch, MD, Marylee Braniecki, MD
Generalized Linear Porokeratosis: A Case Report and Discussion
Stephanie Blackburn, DO, Zaina Rashid, DO, John Moad, MD, Michelle Duff, DO, Jason Barr, DO
Permanent Imiquimod-Induced Depigmentation
Anne Donato, MD, J. Kate Jackson, PA-C, Laura Sandoval, DO, Jonathan S. Crane, DO, FAOCD
Telangiectasia Macularis Eruptiva Perstans: A Case Presentation and Discussion
Sergey Petrosian, BS, Shane Meehan, MD, Anna Slobodskya, DO, Peter Saitta, DO
Hypomelanosis of Ito in Two Infants: A Case Series with Literature Review
Mathew Koehler, DO, Nicole Rouse, BS, Tarin Molly Koehler, DO, Navid Nami, DO
Phacomatosis Cesioflammea: A Case Report of a Newborn with an Unusual Mongolian Spot and Port Wine Stain
Joy Ishii Zarandy, DO, Sara Clark, MD, Katherine Shew, MD
While Serving Abroad, Remembering the “Why” Behind Dermatology
Leela Athalye, DO
Letter to the Editor: Wegener’s Granulomatosis Eponym
David Thomas, MD, JD, EdD, Jacqueline Thomas, DO
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