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Journal of the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, Volume 36, November 2016
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Table of Contents
Letter from the Co-Editor-in-Chief
Karthik Krishnamurthy, DO, FAOCD
Letter from the Executive Director
Marsha Wise, BS
Letter from the President
Alpesh Desai, DO, FAOCD
Feature Article
Intraoperative Hemostasis in Dermatologic Surgery: A Review and Discussion of Varied Approaches
Leela Athalye, DO, Jacquiline Habashy, DO, Donna Tran, DO, David Horowitz, DO
Editor's Picks
Abdominal Pain: A Unique Presentation of Neurofibromatosis and Updated Review of the Condition
Brandon Nickle, DO, Blaze Emerson, MS, Kimberly Hull, DO, Brittany Smirnov, DO, Jaqueline Thomas, DO, FAOCD
Subungual Melanoma in a Haitian Male: A Case Presentation and Discussion
Stephanie Blackburn, DO, Jason Barr, DO, Richard Averitte Jr., MD, Michelle Goedken, DO, Sarah Estrada, MD
Cutaneous Sarcoidosis Identification in a Patient with Asymptomatic Third-Degree
AV Block
Fatima Fahs, MD, Roxana L. Chapman, DO, FACP, FAAD, FAOCD
Original Articles and Case Reports
Successful Use of Liposomal Amphotericin B for Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in a Young Male Patient Treated with a TNF-alpha Inhibitor
John R. Moesch, BA, Caryn Bern, MD, MPH, Vincent A. Laufer, BA, Robin H. Dretler, MD, FIDSA
Childhood Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans, Giant Cell Fibroblastoma Variant: A Case Report and Discussion
Shannon McKeen, DO, Mark A. Kuriata, DO
Diffuse Epidermolytic Epidermal Nevus and Genetic Counseling: A Case Report and Brief Review of the Topic
Christa M. Tomc, DO, Peter Malouf, DO, Stephen Weis, DO
A Report of Kyrle’s Disease (Hyperkeratosis Penetrans) in a 43-Year-Old Male with End-Stage Renal Disease
Ryan Skinner, DO, Nina Sabzevari, BS, Daniel Hurd, DO
Multinucleate Cell Angiohistiocytoma: A Case Presentation and Discussion
Angela Macri, DO, Jaclyn Hess, MD, Jonathan S. Crane, DO, FAOCD, FAAD
A Rare Case of Pili Annulati
Yuri Kim, DO, John Howard, DO, Gabriela Maloney, DO, Stanley Skopit, DO, MSE, FAOCD, FAAD
A Case of Progressive Macular Hypopigmentation
Mehreen Sheikh, BS, Jocelyn LaRocque, DO, FAOCD
Metastatic Melanoma Arising 10 Years After Treatment of Primary Lesion: A
Unique Case Representative of SOX-10’s Efficacy in Identifying Melanomas of
Metastatic Origin
Natalie Steinhoff, DO, Gabriela Maloney, DO, Richard Miller, DO, FAOCD
A Case of Twenty Nail Dystrophy and Review of Treatment Options
Emily Tongdee, BS, Shahjahan Shareef, BS, Tracy Favreau, DO, Khasha Touloei, DO
Wolf ’s Isotopic Response: A Case Report
Gabriel Guerrero, DO, Nathan Jackson, DO, Schield Wikas, DO
A Rare Case of Well’s Syndrome
Donna Tran, DO, Nicole Rouse, BS, Paul Shitabata, MD, Leela Athalye, DO, Navid Nami, DO
A Rare Presentation of Atypical Fibroxanthoma: A Case Report and Discussion
Gabriel Guerrero, DO, Leela Athalye, DO, Luiza d’Almeida, MD, Paul Shitabata, MD, Navid Nami, DO
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